Who has a professional website

Hi All,

I am working on some content for the MLH blog and hoping to show off some professional websites. If you have one and are okay sharing, please comment below :slight_smile:

Here’s my highly professional personal website: niko.pizza :pizza:

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Are you looking for professional website of the Organizers or of the Hackathon?

Since this forum is about MLH, I would of course assume the request is for hackathon organizer prof sites

Organizers :slight_smile:

Here’s mine! http://cameronakker.com/

The goal was minimal fluff and a heavy emphasis on projects. It’s something of a “product catalog” of things I was involved in in college. For anyone that’s curious, it’s built on Jekyll with a raw Bootstrap-built design and custom Liquid page templates. Happy to hear any feedback others have!

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We have a professional website for www.lingohack.is


Please fork and star please :slight_smile:

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Here’s mine!

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This is a great portfolio display!

Hey Melody! This website is awesome and is exactly what I am looking for. Are you alright with me sharing some screenshots of your website on an upcoming blog post?

go for ittttttttttttttttt