What's your favorite show you love to rewatch?

I have a few go-tos that I like to throw on in the background. It’s something familiar, yet still entertaining after 100s of rewatches:

The Good Place
OG Top Gear
White Collar

Honorable Mention Holiday Favorites:

A Christmas Prince


Madmen, slow but brilliantly written.
She’s Gotta Have It, it was filmed in my neighborhood and I identify with so many of the story lines.
Oh, and I just binge watched Shrill, funny, relatable and progressive - body positive. I’d rewatch for sure.

One of my favorite shows is Catastrophe, the final season just hit Amazon Prime this past week.

Shows I looove but have not gotten around to rewatching:
The Sopranos
The Crown

Shows that I find myself rewatching:
Nurse Jackie
Breaking Bad
Desperate Housewives


I’m currently rewatching Game of Thrones and Band of Brothers which are both great.

I’m also a fan of White Collar and OG Top Gear as you know :slight_smile:

Not a TV show but I’ve rewatched the Man from UNCLE maybe 20 times.


Can confirm Niko watches this movie A LOT.

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I can always put on The Office or Parks and Rec or Seinfeld as background noise - never get tired of those.

I am really liking Shrill, which just came out recently.

I’ve seen every Star Wars movie an excessive number of times (yes, including the Holiday Special)

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Just finished Maniac on Netflix which had a really enjoyable ‘Inception’ kind of vibe to it.

Currently watch The Newsroom which so far seems like a more-serious HBO iteration of The Office (similar humorous drama/office dynamics, but revolving around actual news events/coverage starting around 2010).

S1 of True Detective is perhaps the thing I’ve ever seen.

Game of Thrones goes without saying, but if my vote amongst everyone else’s suggestion tips the scales for someone whose been holding out thinking it isn’t for them: give it a try!

A lighter (or darker, depending on your perspective) guilty pleasure would definitely include It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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I’ll never turn down a Band of Brothers rewatch. It’s too good.

My friends will put on Its Always Sunny in the background, but I always find myself actually watching it, rather than use it as background.

I also LOVE rewatching segments from Undisputed. It’s a sports debate show and I eat it up.

The first 8 minutes of the Newsroom pilot episode is some of the best television (writing) I’ve ever seen. I’ll never forget watching it (and it was years ago.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zqOYBabXmA

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For me it’s The X-Files, I’ve seen it so much that I’m an X-Files trivia expert. I’ve also seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, That 70s show, Bob’s Burgers, and The Office more times than I can count.


@jade got me in to the Newsroom! It’s a really great show.

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Favorite show to rematched is “Silicon valley” missing Jang c woo and big head, young with 0 skills.hahahah


Fun fact, I’ve had lunch with the actor who plays Big Head multiple times


Breaking Bad is hands down the best show, from start to finish. Not that many shows out there that have well written endings…

Also I can always have Seinfeld, The Office, Planet Earth, Parks and Rec, or cooking shows on in the background - easy to just re-watch 1000 times for me.

Silicon valley and agents of shield

I’ve been obsessed with The Society for the past few weeks and it’s starting to become a problem. Basically “Lord of the Flies” with modern teenagers, and there’s only one season at the moment so it’s quick to watch and rewatch.