What's your controversial food opinion?

I’m gonna do a random drop-in at MLH HQ one day (after Kat is there) with some brown sugar glazed carrots that will change lives. I will not stand for this cooked carrot slander.

It’s like any veggie - if the only way you’ve ever had them cooked is a flavorless, seasoning-less bland boil or steam, of course they’re better raw.


So when we asked this in the office, I shared that NJ actually has superior bagels to NYC and thought it’d be more controversial than it ended up being. For anyone not from the area, @emily is wrong here. NJ bagels are just straight up better.

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Shall we have a bagel off?

Agreed on white over red.

I like eggplant especially if it’s eggplant parmesan

Pick a date and prepare to lose.

I’d need time to run to Park Slope to grab those but you are so ON. @JonMarkGo has to participate too!