What's your controversial food opinion?

Hi friends, at the MLH office we do a ton of ice breakers and we recently learned a ton about each other and our personal preferences. And, I wanted to bring the question to our community to learn more about everyone!

So, what’s your controversial food opinion? :thinking:

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For me, I can’t stand anything coffee related, especially the smell.

If there’s a cup of coffee near me, I’ll either move away from it or to move the cup away from me. If i’m stuck in a car with a cup of coffee (which happens very often), I’ll pinch my nose until I get tired :frowning:

Where are my tea drinkers?!

Cold pizza is the most overrated thing in the world.

When people say cold pizza is better than fresh pizza, I question what Papa Johns tier pies they’re getting.

Pineapple on pizza is great, but I feel as though that’s played out.

Deep dish is pizza. Some people call it a casserole or that it’s not the same type dish as a New York style pizza or whatever, but I have a counter argument. A slider is a burger. Meanwhile a giant double decker bacon cheeseburger is also a burger. They’re extremely different, but they’re both still burgers!

Think of a Chihuahua and a Great Dane. Extremely different. Both dogs.


I love mildly unpleasant foods. Super spicy curry, bitter IPAs, 90% dark chocolate, raw cranberries, homemade kraut with lots of fermenty goodness, etc.

Also, I have a phobia of baked beans but that’s neither here nor there.


My controversial opinion is that I don’t like ranch dressing, cold pizza is overhyped, and cooked carrots are WEIRD. I do love corned beef hash :slight_smile:

Also NYC pizza IS the best pizza in the world and NYC bagels are the superior bagel… just sayin’

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+10 to cooked carrots

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is that a yes i like or no i don’t?

Plain tomatoes are not good. I always pluck the slices off of a sandwich like a child. This past weekend I thought “hey, maybe my pallet has matured. I will eat this sandwich with the tomatoes.” No good, overpowered the rest of the flavors in the sando and for what? A slab of watery mush .

Tomato + a little effort on the other hand…

  • Ketchup? classic
  • Pasta sauce? crucial
  • In margherita pizza? banger
  • Sun dried? delish
  • Plain, as God intended, mushy and unsatisfying? real bruh moment for the man upstairs ¯\(ツ)

Can’t be friends anymore. Strictly crunchy people in my circles. Sorry that it’s come to this.

NYC pizza sucks! There’s no bite to the dough. It’s just paper :nauseated_face:

but +1 to corned beef hash :heart_eyes:

another +10 to cooked carrots


Live look at Peter’s pallet.

For sure though, I hate tomatoes unless they’ve been altered via alchemy or whatever cooking is.


@emily PLEASE do not get it twisted. I hate cooked carrots.


Yes, I felt this way too for many years, until I had ripe, heirloom tomatoes. Emphasis on ripe. Tomatoes are seasonal fruits and shouldn’t be eaten before or after summer. A good, ripe tomato is one of the most delicious things under the sun.


I just remembered I have more. Ketchup is wack and inferior to barbecue sauce. Licorice is the root of all evil, pun intended. Vegetables are by FAR the superior food group. If your food is underseasoned you should throw it out, salt and pepper is not enough. Eggs should be eaten runny and soft, not browned.


Agreed - licorice is foul.


Is this specifically for the yolk or the whole egg? Because solid white + malleable yolk is the only way to go for ramen.

I think my most controversial food opinions are:

  1. Eggplant is gross.
  2. So is tofu.
  3. I adore vinegar.
  4. White wine > red wine.
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True, I should have clarified that this is mainly about the yolk. Let the yolk run :fried_egg:

Over easy/medium eggs only.

My other hot takes are that I hate fried eggs (especially the burnt parts) and crispy bacon. I’m all for runny eggs and chewy, thick cut bacon :bacon:

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