What's the Superior Bubble Tea?

As a person who’s constantly looking for new places to try:

  • What’s your favorite bubble tea place(s) and why? :thinking: (please also include city!)

For me in NYC, my go-to is Boba Guys whenever I’m in the area. Their boba is so much more chewy than the other options I know of (Gong Cha and Kung Fu Tea). Plus, their flavor selection is much more unique. For example, I just had a Matcha + Peach ramune (Japanese soda) bubble tea from there. It was adorable named Matcha Peachu too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If I’m back at my school (Rutgers Uni, NJ), my favorite is Happy Lemon because it’s the one that’s most similar in flavor to Taiwan’s bubble tea!

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If I’m buying it, my go-to in NYC is Gong Cha because it’s so close to the office. Drink of choice is the coffee milk tea with bubbles.

@Ryan actually got me on the make it yourself train though. It’s surprisingly easy and cheap to make you own bubble tea!


Next time y’all want to try something new at a bubble tea spot, ask if they have grass jelly. My go to order at Gong Cha is a Oolong milk tea with grass jelly.

Also, give warm bubble tea a try! Maybe not right now since it’s you know… hot outside, but come winter. Warm bubble tea is where it’s at.


Best bubble tea I’ve ever had is TeaStori in Gainesville, FL. There were so many options, the boba had a great texture (and also had different flavors), and the shop is really aesthetic! I think the environment I get my bubble tea from contributes a little bit to how I like it.

St. Louis has a few bubble tea options but nothing amazing. I’ve been trying out a place called TastiTea, which has been getting some Instagram clout recently for their “dirty” teas.

Pics below -

  • split royal milk tea w/ strawberry boba and taro milk tea w/ regular boba (teastori)
  • dirty milk tea (tastitea).


Don’t sleep on bar pa tea!

My girlfriend and I went to Lab B. a while back, and bar pa tea’s exhibit was my favorite. They gave soft serve with bubbles as a topping. Complete game changer.


Gong Cha is my go to :stuck_out_tongue: I usually get the original milk tea with grass jelly, none of that other flavor like watermelon :c


I’ve been wanting to go to Bar Pa Tea for sooooooo long. IT LOOKS SO GOOD AHH. I need to go one weekend this summer

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That split cup is AMAZING. I’ve always run into the dilemma of “Do I get X or Y flavor?!” Anyone who I eat food with will know I suck at making choices. If only we had this in NYC :frowning:


My go-to when trying a new place is original black milk tea :") It’s the best way to test out a place’s tea! I always go for 25% or less sugar because the tea flavor is much more pronounced so it feels more earthy. If you haven’t tried it already, I’d definitely recommend it!

At Gong Cha, my go-to order is Oolong milk tea, no ice (it gets watered down because I take forever to finish it), 25% sugar, and with tapioca :tada:

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I just moved to NYC and haven’t tried any bubble tea here yet (this thread has me pretty convinced to go get some after work today though) :slight_smile:

My favorite place back home (Kansas City) is Dragonfly Tea. I’ve just recently been introduced to the world of bubble tea and haven’t quite found my go-to order yet, but I like trying the more unique flavors.


Always get bubble tea at second rate places. Like at a gas station. #andThatsTheTea


Share Tea is phenomenal, their Real Milk Tea at 50% sweet, regular ice, and bubbles is my jam.

Also in Seattle there’s a place that does build your own boba, Boba Up which is a pretty great experience.

Fanciest bubble tea I’ve ever had though is Asha Tea House in Berkeley.


Penn State has a place called MomoTaro and the have creme brulee cheese tea that will change your life. I’ll take the next MLHer that comes to HackPSU to experience its glory.


Putting in my request to attend HackPSU…

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