What're you doing over the summer?

Hey! Summer’s coming up, and I think we’ve all got both professional and non professional plans for it. So let’s list off one of each – I’ll start!

  • I’m excited for MLH Hackcon! It’s always a fantastic weekend, and it’s one of my favorite parts of working for MLH.
  • I’m going to a big fighting game tournament in New York! I’m just going to catch up with some old friends and play some games, not to compete. It should be a bunch of fun!

What are y’all up to this summer?

hackNY fellowship in NYC!

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Summer is going to be busy for me :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Second time TAing! I been told I’m not a very good teacher so this is a great way for me to grow :D.
  • Helping out with Hack the 6ix and planning for Hack the Valley. Starting to see a trend of hackathons making their own custom application system… maybe someone should make a repo for this >:D
  • First time going to Hackcon! I had a friend who went and it seemed like a really cool experience. Can’t way to see what it’s all about :3

Stoked to see you at Hackcon! What class are you TAing for?

Not gonna lie, this is a great excuse for me to try to remember all my plans for these upcoming months as they’re getting more and more packed.

  • Seeing Carly Rae Jepsen at Hammerstein Ballroom

  • Basically living out of my travel duffel bag the week of Hackcon

  • Going to the 2019 US Open for free! Last year I had a rude attendant tell me to, and I quote, “be more careful with your money,” because I bought the “wrong” tickets. I gave a strongly worded email and thus I am going to be gifted tickets to this year’s!

  • Electric Zoo, but only on Saturday. That day is absolutely stacked.

Introduction to Software Engineering, a course where we teach people about the processes for software development :D. It’s a really fun course that I’m passionate about so I pretty stoked for it too :3

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Summer is my absolute favorite time of year!

Every weekend until further notice you’ll either find me hanging at the beach (Rockaway, generally…but I’ll be in Coney Island when I’m feeling like I want to ride a rollercoaster :roller_coaster:) or I will be upstate in Rhinebeck enjoying Twin Lakes and Sloop Brewery.

This summer I will also be be participating in my first hackathon outside of MLH- StartupBus!! (shoutout to @JonMarkGo for the recommendation). I am pretty nervous, but that is the exciting part about it! The bus ride is from NYC to New Orleans, so I plan to spend a couple of (really, really hot and humid) days down there after it’s over.


Just looked up StartupBus, that looks so cool :octopus:

The EZoo lineup looks insane. Who are you most excited to see?

Hopping on all these threads late because I was busy celebrating the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup victory! The start of this summer has just been filled with hockey, but we just concluded celebrations with a parade that had over 1.5 million attendees downtown.

Besides that:

  • Interning with Accenture (big boi consulting life)
  • Taking a summer class, Digital Commerce & IoT, which I now regret
  • Lots of traveling for music. Just got back from a festival a couple of days ago, and have a few more lined up: Camp Nowhere (DTX), Summerfest (MKE), Lollapalooza (CHI), and maybe some small concerts sprinkled here and there.
  • Hackcon!

I’m looking forward to Flux Pavilion, since I was an impressionable teen and listened to a lot of dubstep during their peak!

After that, in no particular order other than alphabetically:

  • Above & Beyond
  • Afrojack
  • Benny Benassi
  • Zedd

I bought tickets to the US Open like two months ago, right after hackcon for the first day!! Guess I’ll see you there :slight_smile:

Amazing, let’s sync up at Hackcon and talk about the Open! I’m going Wednesday, are you only going on Monday?

Yeah I’m only going on Monday :confused: . But I’m still super stoked to see some professional tennis.

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coding coding coding until am bored:blush::blush

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@theycallmeswift and I went to the US Open yesterday for the first time. It was awesome! I learned the rules of tennis and really enjoyed watching it. We saw Federer and Venus Williams play.


@JonMarkGo Crazy good right??? I sometimes can’t believe how up close you can get to some of the other lower ranked players.

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