What was your first hackathon, and how did you hear about it?

Hey friends! I’m back here with another quick question to learn more about your hacker history (hackstory?). I want to hear about what your first ever hackathon was!

For me, it was Hack TCNJ down in Ewing, NJ. I went along with my 2 good friends because Rutgers sort of staged a takeover of the hackathon, and I wanted an environment to do my law homework in that wasn’t my apartment. Turns out hackathons are really fun places to do law homework.

I actually wound up submitting a project, too! It was very silly, and everyone loved my demo. From there I started going to hackathons all the time (again, to do more homework) as a way to not spend weekends alone in my apartment.

Also, we had to drive through a blizzard on the way back home with our windshield wipers broken. Had to keep pulling over and wiping down the windshield. Fun!

So how about you? What was your first hackathon?