What’s your Meyers Brigg Type?

Guten Tag y’all!! I was chatting with @emily about personality types today and it got my curious to what Meyers Briggs personality types we have in the community. I wonder how many of us are actually introverts :thinking: Personally I’m an INFJ!

Here’s a quiz if you don’t know your type already:

I’m a Virgo. I’m interested to hear what y’all are.

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I’m an ENFJ and it’s not a surprise lol

I’m ENFP this time and it feels pretty accurate (though tbh last time I took the quiz a few years ago it was slightly different, maybe ENFJ or ENTJ or something I don’t remember).

I’m an INFP-T, which sounds like a terminator, and is okay with me as a result

Your type changes as you do. That’s what’s so cool :slight_smile:

I’m an ENFJ-T! or a “protagonist”.