What clubs / groups are you involved in?

Heya! I am Paige and I am a Logistics Specialist here at MLH. I am a huge fan of clubs/teams/leagues/group activities! I would love to hear what kinds of organized gatherings you are all involved in outside of hackathons.

When I moved to NYC a few years ago it felt pretty isolating and I was finding it difficult to find a steady group of friends. I have always loved playing pool :8ball: so I decided to join a league that plays weekly in Brooklyn! I was randomly placed on a team that had 1 open spot left aaaand jump to 3 years later, these people are all of my best friends! A lot of us live together now and we still play league every Tuesday night.

Our team was never very serious about winning and it was more about hanging out together and all participating in an activity we love. By some stroke of luck, we ended up winning 1st place in the league last summer! We got large a plaque to hang on the wall of our home bar (RIP The Abbey- it recently closed down only to be rebuilt as luxury condos…but that’s not what this story is about!)

In a turn of events, we are now in dead last place this season, but we will forever have a trophy to commemorate our Summer of Pool <3

I am excited to hear about any and all gatherings you find joy in- whether it be volunteering, a foreign language club, soccer league, Dungeons and Dragons, etc!

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I wrote about this on another thread but I just started a club to get tech, arts, and business students to learn new skills, work together on projects, and go to hackathons! But besides hackathon stuff I’m mainly involved in PSU’s underground music club. We host a wide range of diy music events from basement shows to bigger indie names like Snail Mail, Remo Drive, Jeff Rosenstock, SALES, and Mom Jeans. I may or may not have dragged @henry to an overly crowded house show when he came to HackPSU. Who can say.


I love Snail Mail!! I have seen her a couple of times. That sounds awesome and like something I would be totally into, Katie!


I can neither confirm nor deny.

But outside of tech I’m involved in the ultimate frisbee leagues. I played 3 years in college and every summer I join a hat league where people sign up and you get randomly placed on teams.

My friend and I are starting this running group called CIRCLES (Casual Intergalactic Running Club of Lower East Side). We are recruiting casual runners so if you like 5Ks and pizza, this is the club for you.

Here’s a photo from Donut Dash this past weekend where we won first place. And by “we” I mean me. I won first place :trophy::trophy:. I’ll be signing autographs later.

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@nlaz can I join?!? I need to stay running/active and it’s so difficult doing it alone :sob:

@jamie.liao yes! I’ll schedule something soon but we generally run on Wednesdays.

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I started my university’s first a cappella group, Miner Key! We recently won an award for this year’s “Most Improved” organization!

Our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6VFKxq1kOG468q9LYW38A


Ayee!! That’s awesome Chris! Congrats to you all :tada:

I’m on the Board of Directors of my childhood summer camp in the Adirondacks - I go up there a bunch of times throughout the year, sometimes for meetings and sometimes to volunteer and help out! It’s pretty great.
Here is a rare photo of me without a beard, but also in a cardboard boat I built with a fellow counselor back in 2009 (all of the kids built their own boats too):

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