What are your best board games?

Howdy all, I know a lot of folks on the MLH team are passionate about board games. I’ve also bumped into groups of hackers sneaking in a quick round of Catan at hackathons. I’m in the market for some new games, and figured I’d see what y’all have been enjoying recently.

I’m happy to take any suggestions, but bonus points for anything that;

  • Has a two player mode/rules. I find myself board gaming with just one person regularly.
  • Has legacy rules.

Some of my favorite games;

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Neither of these are board games per se, but they’re of the table top variety.

  • Munchkin – A huge amount of fun from this game within my friend group derives from the rule book stating that ambiguous rules are decided via argument between players. Collect loot/class/race cards to build your character; fight monsters and strengthen other players’ adversaries to prevent them from getting to level 10 before your do!

  • Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards – Role play as one of several characters building spells to deal damage to the other players. The flavor text for the cards cause some pretty crass final blows amongst friends.

Additionally, Settlers of Catan and a few expansion packs hold sacred standing in my household.


Love Munchkin! Definitely one of my most favorites :slight_smile:

A game that might be difficult to play with a bunch of people but is one of my personal favorites is Balderdash. It’s a bluffing game where you try to psych everyone else out. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one has heard of it…


Lords of Waterdeep, Red Dragon Inn and Gloomhaven are definitely my favorites. Waterdeep has a special place in my heart for being a game that I actually win sometimes >>

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Two favorites:

  • Root - There’s a guy in my fraternity that has this huge collection of board games, and he suggested this as one of the more beginner-friendly ones. You basically fight for control of the wilderness, and each character has unique abilities which is super fun.

  • FLUXX - We have a board game bar here in St. Louis, and when I go with friends this is our go-to. Super simple card game where you constantly change rules based on what you draw and play. Easy to pick up, hard to master.

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  • Wingspan - Wingspan is definitely my favorite board game. It involves building resource engines, drafting, and importantly birds. Not only is it one of my favorite games, it’s been topping board game lists for a while and is sold out everywhere– so no I don’t just like it because every card has a bird fact on it. 1-5 players, 45m games, limited player interactions.

  • Pandemic Legacy - The game starts as the classic Pandemic game, as players united play against the board, but with every game you play new rules are created, cards are physically ripped up and your decisions and actions in previous games effect the future. 2 - 4 Players, 60m games, cooperative game.

  • Betrayal at the House on the Hill - The game starts cooperative as everyone discovers a haunted mansion together, however, at a certain cue someone betrays everyone else. Based on the board state at the time, the betrayal can be one of 50 different “haunts” and the betrayer any one of your friends, you spend the rest of the game trying to defeat the betrayer or win as the betrayer. 3 - 6 players, 60m games, 1vAll.

  • Ticket to Ride - A railroad baron, you’re given routes to create amongst North American cities, by drafting cards you gain the resources to build the routes. But other players with other ideas can cut off your routes. 2 - 5 players, 45m games, free-for-all.

† Also has a legacy edition.