What are some fun mini events to run during a digital hackathon?

Due to recent events, many hackathons are going digital due to COVID-19. The intent is to keep up hacker engagement during these digital events. Here is a thread to share your favorite games and activities to do online!

My favorite is Type Racer! You can share a link with others and test out how fast you can type.

Share yours below :slight_smile:

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Write some cybersecurity problems to bring jeopardy-style CTFs to your hackathons, even virtually!


It’s simple to host your own CTFd server:

Another alternative to CTFd or building your CTF platform from scratch is FaceBook’s FBCTF:

I haven’t deployed FBCTF before, but I’ve played on it before and it works fine.

Happy (and safe) hacking, everyone! :blush::heart:

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Christopher Ngo

I’ll add that we have some freely accessible CTFs, thanks to BlackRock and the US Air Force available on our Challenges Site.

Good information thanks for sharing