Week 3 of Fall 2019 – Ask any questions thread + This week in hackathons

Hi friends! We have a bunch of hackathons this weekend that I’m super excited for. Let’s dive into the action!

  • ShellHacks is going down this weekend in Florida! @RobK and Anuhya from our team will be there. I’m always excited to see the branding from this event – they sure know how to get that beach vibe down.
  • HackRice is happening down in Texas, and @mdunn09045 will be there to make it hacktastic. They’re quite a historic hackathon, and I’m excited to see another successful event down in the history books.
  • Meanwhile over in Arizona, sunhacks is here to dazzle us with its radiance! @HalcyonAura and their team will be there with @kevin to make sure the event is as cool as a cucumber in that 97 degree weather. The AZ hackathon scene has as super interesting history – you should ask some of the organizers if you get the chance!
  • Back in the cooler weather, SBUHacks will be happening in the State of Bagels itself, New York. @saajid will be there with @rahul.sondhi and their team to help them put on a killer hackathon. Fun MLHer fact: SBU is @JonMarkGo’s Alma mater!
  • Last but certainly not least, BigRed//Hacks is holding it down northwards and westwards of SBUHacks, giving the state of NY double the hackathon coverage. Big//Red is a classic hackathon, and @ali will be traveling up to help out!

That’s all for this week’s hackathon updates! If you’ve got any hackathon questions this week, feel free to drop 'em here. Happy hacking!

So sad I missed SBUHacks this year, sadly I had to go to a wedding :frowning: