Tips for Getting Accepted into the MLH Hackathon Season

HI, y’all,

Who else is pumped for the Spring portion of the 2020 Season!? I wanted to open up a thread specifically about useful strategies and qualities of a hackathon’s planning process that can increase the chances to get accepted into the next MLH hackathon season.

While I believe that all good hackathons don’t always need the awesome MLH seal, we think that they are a great partner for every hackathon. With every year getting more competitive, we want to figure out how to create a better hackathon that meets MLH standards. The event and organizer’s guides line out many of the qualifications, as well as obtaining additional support from peer groups and this community forum. But what about specific tips that make a hackathon stand out during the decision period. Let me know what y’all think! Thanks, everyone!