That one Hackathon Item

What’s that one thing that you bring with you to every hackathon?

For me it would be my Pusheen, who is a great conversation starter, travel companion, and pillow for all the people sleeping on the floors in sleeping bags. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Proud to have converted Gregor to do the same xD)


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Pusheen pillow is a great choice. I always had a big Wario pillow in my backpack at hackathons – on top of being useful for sleepin’, pillows in backpacks have the added benefit of being padding for the 9 billion times your bag gets knocked over during an average hackathon.

i’m very clumsy

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When I first started working for MLH, I’d come back after each weekend with chapped lips. I was talking to people constantly and not drinking nearly enough water over the course of the weekend, so I started carrying this nalgene with me constantly. Recently, I’ve started adding MLHer stickers to it. In order we’ve got @RobK, @henry, @jade, myself, @nq_mlh, @theycallmeswift, and @JonMarkGo


Heavily recommend everyone brings their own bottle with them to events!

Hey Ryan, I remember you from I think Hack The Valley I, I was the guy at the hardware booth with you :stuck_out_tongue:
On a side note, those are some cool stickers xD. I’ll be down for some sticker trading if I ever see you. (Maybe hackcon? :3)


I will definitely have stickers with me at Hackcon! I’ll bring Ryan stickers plus a secret sticker I’ve been working on :slight_smile:


Secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone!

soylents , huel, and cricket exo bars .
you meet a lot of ‘alternate food enthusiasts’ at hackathon so they are good convo starters

I bring my friends :heart:

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