[Peer Group Takeaways] Hosting your First Hackathon

Hey friends!

I’m back with a new set of Peer Group takeaways :slight_smile:

If you haven’t been on a Peer Group yet, they are our weekly calls where organizers from around the world hop on a call to ask each other questions and learn from other organizers. RSVP here!

Here are the takeaways from our Hosting your first Hackathon session that took place last night:

  • Look at other events when finding sponsors to reach out to! If companies sponsor other events on your campus, it’s likely that they might be interested in your hackathon as well!
  • As you pitch your event to non-tech companies, you may need to find creative ways to explain the benefit that they can find in sponsoring it. Practice how you pitch it with your organizing team to get everyone comfortable in explaining the event to different audiences.
  • Team structure can be difficult when starting a new organization. As you figure out what works well for your team, remember to be flexible in roles.
  • As a new event, themes can help differentiate your event. Remember to keep themes broad enough that hackers will have plenty of projects to work on.

Huge shoutout to @luisocampo for hosting this session and sharing so many learnings from his work with PickHacks.

This was one of my favorite sessions because of the wide variety of challenges we discussed that new hackathons/new organizers are faced with.

For folks who were on the call, what other takeaways did you have? (@phillipsw1) For folks not on the call, what advice would you give a new organizing team?

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