[Peer Group Takeaways] 2020-01-07

Hey hey everyone! We had our very first Peer Group of 2020 this past Tuesday and I’m excited to share with y’all some of the big things we covered.

If you haven’t been to a Peer Group yet , I definitely recommend checking them out. These are calls where organizers from around the world come together to talk about the challenges they’re facing with planning.

  • Transitioning a leadership team from original founders to a new set of organizers can be difficult. It may be hard to find organizers who are as motivated as the originals were, but things like clear documentation and structured mentorship from previous organizers can help a ton! Pulling some organizers from inside the community (former hackers, etc.) will also be helpful in an effort to find folks who are passionate about the event.

  • As you grow your team, planned social events will help team members become friends and further the rapport among the team. Having a team that enjoys working together and is comfortable around one another makes a huge difference.

  • If you’re planning workshops that are specifically targeted to beginners, some ideas are simple HTML games, Snapchat filters, lego robots, and Intro to GitHub. Check out the GitHub LocalHost module here.

@lukas.mueller are there any other takeaways from call you’d add in here?

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