[Peer Group Takeaways] 2019-12-17

Hey hey friends! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted Peer Group takeaways, but I had a lovely call yesterday and wanted to share some of the major learnings from it.

If you haven’t been to a Peer Group yet, I definitely recommend checking them out. These are calls where organizers from around the world come together to talk about the challenges they’re facing with planning.

Here are the takeaways from yesterdays call:

  • To help your event transition from director to director, establish a co-director who can learn the ropes while leveraging knowledge from more experienced organizers.
  • Refine your judging by establishing guidelines for your judges and setting expectations for them at a judges debriefing
    *Dis-motivate prizes by emphasizing the other aspects of the event like the workshops, fun mini-events, and opportunity to meet other students.

@alex.lewin @mishal23 @manbirmarwah @achallagundla What were your biggest takeaways? Let me know if the thread :slight_smile: