[Peer Group] Promoting your Event to Hackers

Howdy Folks!

I’m here with another set of Peer Group takeaways :slight_smile: If you haven’t been to a Peer Group yet, they are weekly calls where organizers from around the world talk about similar challenges they’re facing with hackathon planning. RSVP here!

Here are the takeaways from last night’s Marketing your event to Hacker session:

  • Look into alternative areas of promoting your hackathon. Think about folks that may be interested who are outside your typical reach. Business and art students are a great place to start!

  • Talk about previous projects when you’re promoting your hackathon. These concrete examples will help hackers visualize the types of projects they could work on during the event.

  • Create a promo video to hype up your event! Highlight what makes your event special so potential attendees get excited! Here are some for inspiration:

  • Create social media content with the goal of creating a dialogue with your followers. A great place to start with this is doing a Q and A on your social media!

  • Host fundraising events that provide your event more exposure. One example is hosting nights at restaurants where a % of proceeds go to your event.

I want to hear from you now! What is your #1 marketing tip?