[Peer Group] Pre-Event Communication

Howdy Folks!

I’m here with another set of Peer Group takeaways :slight_smile: If you haven’t been to a Peer Group yet, they are weekly calls where organizers from around the world talk about similar challenges they’re facing with hackathon planning. RSVP here!

Here are the takeaways from our Pre-Event Communication session

  • Encourage your attendees to join your event’s slack/chat platform before the event! You can get attendees chatting beforehand and build up the community before your event even starts.

  • Keep your sponsors in the loop throughout your hackathon planning! Let them know about exciting updates about your event.

  • Keep pre-event emails sort, but make sure that new hackers are getting the information they need! Include important information like how to get to the venue, where to park, and what to bring!

  • Schedule a quick meeting with your sponsors to go over what they can expect during the actual event. They might ask where their table will be, where they can distribute swag, etc. This helps set expectations and create a great relationship between your event and the company!

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