[Peer Group] Organizing a Digital Hackathon

From our Peer Group today, below are some key takeaways that we discussed:

  • Devpost tips. Create your Devpost link as early as possible to let hackers sign up for your event. This is also a great opportunity to explore and learn more about Devposts’ capabilities. If you have any questions, email velizar@devpost.com!

  • Pre-recording vs live streaming.

    • Pre-recording should be done for the opening ceremony and any workshops that aren’t interactive. This will help to reduce logistical scrambles and make the overall hacker experience much smoother.
    • Live streaming should be done for the closing ceremony and any interactive workshops. This will allow your hackers to proactively engage with the workshops and ask questions. Be mindful that the logistics of live streaming are more complicated, so be sure to practice and do a mock run.
  • Mini-events during the hackathon. Engaging your hackers throughout the event is essential to create an immersive environment, similar to in-person hackathons. Collaborate with any clubs or organizations to co-host these events, such as any gaming clubs. Check out our MLH blog post for more fun hacker experience oriented ideas.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to host a Digital Hackathon, join us at one of our upcoming Peer Groups.