[Peer Group] Marketing your Hackathon

Hey everyone! Here are some takeaways from our Marketing Peer Group tonight :slight_smile:

  • Create hacker personas. As marketers, you need to understand your audience and their needs. Understand the different reasons why people attend hackathons (e.g. competition, meeting new people, learning new skills), then you can structure specific marketing messages to those different groups of people. Use your hackathon as a solution to their needs and desires!
  • Build more content for social media. Social media and word of mouth account for ~60% of the reason why hackers initially heard of your hackathon. Build out more content that your audience can relate to, like sharing hacker stories, tech news, or images/videos!

  • Create a Marketing Promo Kit. Create a database of material (e.g. images, social media posts) that you can easily give to other clubs, events, departments, faculty, etc. that they can use to promote your event.

A question to our audience: how did you hear about your first hackathon and what motivated you to attend? :thinking:

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