[Peer Group] Marketing Your Hackathon!

Hey folks, below are takeaways from our Marketing Peer Group session on 11/19!

  • Create hacker personas. As marketers, you need to understand your audience and their needs. Understand the different reasons why people attend hackathons (e.g. competition, meeting new people, learning new skills), then you can structure specific marketing messages to those different groups of people. Use your hackathon as a solution to their needs and desires!

  • Practice your pitches. Practice your pitch with other team members so that you can give and receive advice to further refine your pitch to potential hackers, like your classmates or peers. Start with the overarching question of “what” a hacker is interested in, why are they interested in it, and finally how your event can help them further their passion.

    • For our Designer student example, an example pitch may be:
      • What are you interested in? Bob is interested in design and making mobile apps look pretty and appealing to the audience
      • Why are you interested in that? Bob is interested in UX/UI and thinking about the psychology behind why certain apps are more successful than others even though they’re solving the same problem
      • Add in more questions as needed
      • JamieHacks can help you gain the experience you’re interested in! At JamieHacks, you can work alongside a team of engineers to use your experience and design the app so it’s more user friendly and potentially win our Best Design Hack prize!
  • Get to know your audience. Start off by asking questions to gauge the other person’s knowledge/interests so that you can tailor your talking points to what they care about. The best way to do this is to continuously ask them questions about their interests and dig deeper to eventually utilize your hackathon as a solution to their problems.

What are some ways you all have seen events do a good job with marketing?

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