[Peer Group] Hacker Experience

Howdy Folks!

I’m here with a set of Peer Group takeaways :slightly_smiling_face: If you haven’t been on a Peer Group yet, they are our weekly calls where organizers from around the world talk about similar challenges that they’re facing with hackathon planning. RSVP here!

I always learn so many cool new tips from organizers on these calls and want to share some of the biggest tips from this session with you all.

Here are the takeaways from our Hacker Experience session

  • Leverage your volunteers. There are always creative ways to engage your volunteers during the down time. Some examples may be to encourage them to talk with hackers (who may seem lonely), sponsors, mentors, and others to build up the experience of everyone at the event.

  • Get feedback from your attendees! After your event, send out a survey to all of your event attendees, like hackers, mentors, sponsors, etc. asking them about your hackathon and get feedback from them. Try implementing an NPS score!

  • Engage your hackers. One easy way to build up the hacker experience is to engage with your hackers before the event on a platform like Slack, Discord, or any similar ones. Create a plan to consistently keep people engaging with each other and meeting new faces!

  • Stay organized. Your hackers’ experience can be directly affected by your team’s ability to stay organized. Set up a system to onboard volunteers, mentors, sponsors, etc. for the day-of so that everything that needs to get done won’t be forgotten.

I’d love to hear from folks on the forum, what are some of the ways you create an awesome hacker experience at your event? @shawntoubeau @uptonm @phillipsw1 what are your big takeaways? any that I missed that you’d like to add?


Think you pretty much summed it! I really like the idea of utilizing volunteers to help create a better hacker experience. Another thing that wasn’t mentioned but something that we plan to do at HackWITus is to connect with our school’s IEEE club who will help provide tools and equipment at our events like 3D printers!