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My hot meme. Please discuss below.


I feel like there’s so much variance on the Octocat stickers that they need their own separate pyramid. Anyone ever seen a Where’s Waldo Octocat?

Also, I think Localhost and I Demoed stickers should flip. You can only get the I Demoed at one event. Anyone can organize the Localhost workshops to get the stickers whenever they want.

This is false. Localhost stickers are rarer. They are are also better. I am being completely objective here.

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I agree with Ryan. Now the Localhost for making jades coffee stickers are definitely rare, I’ve only heard rumors about them actually being printed


I still have a small collection of the old school Octocat stickers that had more pop culture references (Link, Stormtroopers, etc)

There are a lot of rare Localhost stickers because as a fact, fewer LH stickers than hackathon stickers are given out in a season. As for the “anyone can run a Localhost”, there is still an approval process to get them, and we send far fewer stickers to each event. Fewer people have seen the “I Learned” or the “Localhost” stickers.

I wanted to bring some data to this conversation, so I pulled the last three years of data on how many stickers we projected we’d order for the league and came up with the following:

2017 - 2019 Season MLH Branded Item Quantities

Item Quantity
MLH Season Sticker 287,000
I Demoed Sticker 101,000
GitHub Octocat Sticker 72,000
MLH Localhost Modules (Estimated) 52,000
MLH Cartoon Sticker (Estimated) 7,000
MLH Patagonias (Estimated) 10

MLH Localhost stickers are ordered using a different mechanism so they’re estimated, but they’re ordered on a scale that’s nearly an order of magnitude (or two) less. As for the remaining two, I guessed.

I’ll admit, I spent a little too long on this, but hey it combined two of my favorite things: stickers and spreadsheets.


Same. I mean, time spending engaging our community is very valuable.

Looks like I was pretty accurate! and LH stickers are rarer than the I Demoed ones.

As a bit of commentary, LH stickers are also better too. This is a completely objective answer. I have no biases.

this is almost r/dataisbeautiful level wow


What percentage of this is just Jade, you, and me?

Nick doesn’t start or add to arguments, he decisively ends them

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28% is me. I assumed you and @jadeyeethatsmee only ordered 500 each– but I could be wrong.

I’m really fun at parties.

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