Meet an Organizer: Marium of StarterHacks

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We’re back with our Meet an Organizer blog posts! This week, we have Marium from StarterHacks! Check out her full blog post!

Marium Kirmani, co-director of StarterHacks

What’re your top 3 pieces of advice that you’d give to new organizers?

  1. Create a plan B, C, D and prepare for all of those to go wrong. Don’t panic when they do — breathe and get quick at thinking on your feet.
  2. Always document everything. This data is going to help you make your event better each year.
  3. Make sure you are actively collaborating with your team. Go for coffees, bubble teas, dinners and get to know each other. Your event will go much better if everyone on the teams knows and trusts each other.

Want to read more? Check out her full blog post!

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