Meet an Organizer: Claudia of Horizons

Hey all!

We’re back with a Meet an Organizer! This week, we have Claudia from Horizons! Check out her full blog post !

Claudia Chu of Horizons

What’re your top 3 pieces of advice that you’d give to new organizers?

  1. Always, always map out your mission. So when you have to decide on venue, curriculum, or t-shirt design, you can ask yourself “does this serve my mission? and is there a better way to do it?”
  2. Get a good team. And by that, I mean (1) cultivate that community to value the impact they can potentially make on their community, and (2) support them, as they are likely your peers as well, and have individual responsibilities and interests.
  3. Actively seek the resources and people you want for your event. Be prepared for so. many. emails. And meetings. Why most hackathon organizations are teams is because no single person can do something like that on their own. And to add on to that, we need additional support from sponsors, organizations, and most importantly the participants themselves to truly make hackathons what they are today

Want to read more? Check out her full blog post !