iOS workshop for Local Learn Day

Hi Everyone
I am working on a custom iOS workshop for local learn day and I would like some feedback on the materials we are covering. Also if anyone else has a good pptx they can send me that would be great.
here is the link to the workshop slides


Hey @luojames52

Happy to provide some feedback here! My name is Eddie, and I work on our Localhost Modules :slight_smile:

I’m also going to call out @Mackenzie here as well since she’s a boss at iOS and Swift.

From a High-Level, your outline looks great! Here are the things I like:

  • You set a clear Overview of the topics you are going to cover
  • The order you provide information is great. Tool > Language > Interface > Framework > API
  • You have an awesome design

What I would do is open a Google Doc and outline the presentation, so you have a roadmap of your workshop. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What are the Learning Objectives/Outcomes?
  • What are the Key Activities I want my participants to do in the workshop? (e.g., I want them to install Xcode and create an iOS App)

One thing you can do to drum up hype at the beginning of the workshop is to show what they are going to build in the workshop. If it’s a simple application using all of the key learning objectives, then great! Folks have an easier time connecting what they are doing with visual examples of the project they are building. Here’s a boilerplate example of how to organize the workshop:

  1. Introduction. Introduce students to the workshop, the objectives of the module, and what they can hope to accomplish during the session.
  2. Orient & Demonstrate. Give participants an overview of the content and follow it up with a working demonstration.
  3. Customize. Show participants how to customize and manipulate the demonstration example through a series of practice examples using the key activities you outline.
  4. Review. Give participants a recap of what they’ve learned in the form of a short quiz or activity. For example, some practice challenges!
  5. Next Steps & Practice Projects. Identify what participants can do to keep learning about the subject and give them a set of concrete practice projects they can work on.

Hope that helps! Also, welcome to the community!