Hi, I'm Sa'ad from HackSAS, Nigeria

Hi, I’m Sa’ad Organizer @ HackSAS, Nigeria.

Ask me anything about MLH Localhost workshops in Nigeria.

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Hey Sa’ad! Thanks for hopping into the community form :smiley:

My question is: What are some of the unique challenges you face running technical workshops in Nigeria?

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Good question

The challenges that we are facing are;
1- Free Venue: we are having difficulties in getting a free venue to host workshop and the best places to host the workshops are very expensive to rent, (this is the main big challenge).

2- Free WiFi: we have to subscribe for data/MB to release free WiFi for the attendees to connect with internet and practice the slides. the subscription is not that cheap, sometimes we are subscribing twice in one single workshop.

These are the main challenges that we are facing.

Thank you!