Hi! I'm Rakha! Talk to me about cameras :)

Hello! My name is Rakha and I’m a senior at the University of Maryland: College Park studying Computer Science and Business Analytics. I’m currently an organizer for Technica’s marketing team and am the Director of Marketing for Bitcamp 2020. I love web development and software engineering, but in my spare time I love to dabble in photography! I’m also a Champion in Rocket League :slight_smile:

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Hi! I dabble in photography too! What kinda subjects are your fave to shoot?
I’ve been shooting mostly cityscape and portraits since I got my 6d a few years ago. I also loooove trying to shoot in lowlight with no tripod or flash cause I haven’t invested in either still
Finallyyyy, I’m taking a course on photography this semester so I’ll be working with an analog camera and developing stuff in a darkroom RIP my bank acct tho lol


Favorite phone camera? :iphone:

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Hi! That’s so cool that you’re taking a class in photography this semester! I wish we had more of those classes here at UMD. I shoot almost everything from portraits to landscapes and everything in between. I love shooting portraits, but I’d say that nighttime long exposures are among the coolest types of photos.

What’s your favorite lens to shoot on?

My favorite phone camera would probably be the Google Pixel 3 XL’s. Google just has amazing software that allows their phone pictures to come out so well. Their Night Sight is so cool, using ML to recover “lost” pictures!

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The Pixel 3 camera is so amazing! Got some beautiful shots with it.

Any thoughts on the weird new triple lens iPhone camera?


I think that the triple lens could help with their image quality. Other android phones have already experimented with the triple lens setup, and it’s worked out for some better than others.

Obviously, the processing used for each photo is equally as important as the hardware used to take the photo. Google’s been able to output amazing quality in their photos with a single lens due to the superior image processing capabilities in their phones.

I think that it’s something that will most likely get better with each successive iteration. I will say that the wide angle lens does create for some interesting perspectives!