Hi, I'm Muhammad Tajudeen from Yola, Nigeria

I am Muhammad, but you can call me fataj, from Yola, Nigeria, A Computer Science student at Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, I am still an enthusiast in the field of Developing with focus on web and mobile, and want to be an expert in Web and Mobile development, programming with tools like Java and Python, C is a third choice, IOT, GCP, Digital Marketing robotics, AI/ML and lots more
Tech Community building is my first priority, I am engaged in many community building organizations in my city.
I am a member and speaker of GDG Yola, MLH, GitHub Campus expert, the Ass. Coordinating officer of NACOSS Northeast, the program Director of YIN covering North Eastern part of the country, the founder of Nutscoders, Just to mention a few.
Hobbies include Gaming, coding reading would not be my hobby but sometimes, I read to avoid disappointments.
As an enthusiast in the field of Developing, my goal is to always build applications that are scalable and efficient under the hood while providing engaging, adaptive, eye-candy user experiences. On the other hand, community especially Yola gives me a platform to share complementary ideas with my peers, mentor keen to inspire change-makers.and accelerate the process of crafting better solutions without being distracted by the buzz, glitz, and opportunities that seem to exist.
My experience with MLH was as a local host / Hack day organizer, on campus it was incredible, and cool to see how the whole team supports you in other to organise events. by doing so am very happy to see the impacts i have made with MlH Supports .

Hey Muhammad! No kidding, you do a lot! I’m so excited to learn from your experience developing and leading communities. I can’t wait to hear the advice and experience you have to offer the reset of the community!

Welcome @Fataj! I’m impressed by the amount of things you are doing. Do you have any tips for community building that you would like to share? What is the tech community like in Yola?

Thank you for picking interest in my post, I am sure you have everything it takes to become more than me.
I would love to share my experience too if you would be more specific

Tech community in Yola is not an easy one, You should see how people aren’t responding to invites to your events if you don’t have any refreshment to give, but what I do believe is that if one can make impact and build something that everyone will be intrigued by, people are going to join the cause