Hi, I'm Misha from UMD

Hey folks, I’m Misha (Mikhail) Khrenov, based out of the University of Maryland, College Park. I fell in love with hackathons my junior of high school and have been hacking away ever since. I later organized my high school’s first hackathon, BlairHacks-0, and am now an MLH Coach.

At Maryland I’m a MechE-Comp Sci double major, and have been working a lot in our medical robotics lab (ask me about corneal transplants). At hackathons I am all about the hardware (in fact, I have never done a purely software hack) so totally come up to chat if you have any questions. Outside of technical pursuits, I hike, bike, read history, play D&D and run a game of Dark Heresy, lift weights, and strum the contrabass.

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