Hello , Zunnurayni missed the party

I am Zunnurayni , from Nigeria, Yola, A Computer Science student, a self-taught :computer:Developer with focus on :globe_with_meridians:web and mobile :iphone: : interests ranges from Web & Mobile development to programming, IOT, GCP, Digital Marketing,Cryptocurrency,Tech Community building @ GDG Yola, Ingressive, MLH, GitHub Campus expert, Hobbies include Gaming,Photography.
Being a Developer, my goal is to always build applications that are scalable and efficient under the hood while providing engaging, adaptive, eye-candy user experiences. On the other hand, community gives me a platform to share complementary ideas with my peers ,mentor keen to inspire change-makers.and accelerate the process of crafting better solutions without being distracted by the buzz, glitz and opportunities that seem to exist.
My experience with MLH was as a local host / Hack day organizer, on campus it was incredible, and cool to see how the whole team supports you in other to organise events. by doing so am very happy to see the impacts i have made with MlH Supports .


:wave:Hey Zunnurayni, welcome to the club! Do you have a favorite technology you are learning these days? Which Localhost module did you organize?

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Welcome Zunnurayni! So glad you’re here. Looking forward to learning more about you and from you.

Waving from New York City!

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checking out machine learning “tensor flow” on udacity ,
Bug-Free Programming with SPARK Ada
Build and Deploy Your First Website
local hack day


Glad meeting you:wave::wave:

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Woah really cool that you’ve organized multiple events with MLH. That’s really amazing :heart:

Are you going to host Local Hack Day again this year?

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Yes I am. Started preparation already :raised_hands::raised_hands: