Hello World, I'm Egill Anton from Iceland 🇮🇸

Hello everybody.

My name is Egill Anton Hlöðversson; I come from Reykjavik University in Iceland, where I am the chairman of the Student Hackathon Association at Reykjavik University. We are currently organizing Lingó Hack 2020, which will be our first Student Hackathon ever at our University.

We are greatly pleased being a part of the MLH Community, and hopefully, we get to know each other sooner than later.


Hey @egillanton,

Pleasure meeting you at HealthHacks this year! Feel free to reach out if there’s anything I might be able to help with!

I’ll be looking into how expensive it would be to mail myself in a package to Reykjavik :eyes:

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Hey @petersmurphy7 :slight_smile:,

I want to thank you again for a well performed job at HealthHacks’19 at VCU.

We are on a huge role at the moment creating content for our Hackers and Sponsors.
The website is done, only lacking the MLH Banner :wink: and all our sponsor’s logos.

Feel free to star and fork our website repository.

Finally, I have one question, when could we expect an interview after submitting our MLH Application?

So the application process is handled by the Hackathon Community Managers within MLH. I’m not super familiar with the internal process, but I’d imagine they’re working on determining which applicants qualify to be member events and are responding to applications on a rolling basis. In my experience, it takes a week or two to get the ball rolling, but if you’ve submitted the application I think you could expect to hear back pretty quickly!

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Thank you @petersmurphy7 for a prompt reply. We will be looking forward and ready for that day to come :slight_smile:

Welcome @egillanton to the community!! We’re so happy to have you here :slight_smile:

What’s your favorite hackathon memory? :smiley:

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Hi @jamie.liao, thank you for a warm welcome.

My favorite hackathon memory is probably from last summer when I participated at VCU HealthHacks19’.
My team that we formed there work really well together, we stayed during the whole night, taking turns taking naps while there was someone working on the idea. The best part about that was that we became the winning team. So we were really happy as a team to see our project outperform our expectations.

Hopefully, that answers your question. How about yours?

Fun fact, it took us 19 days to get back the results of our MLH memebership application, if anyone is waiting excited as I was. :slight_smile: