Hello, I'm Shalin from CA,USA

I’m from CA and currently attending Santiago Canyon College.

I became an Organizer because I wanted to give students the same opportunity I had found when I attended my first Hackathon. However, I knew that for many students the distance would be too far and many were still beginners in CS. The goal of SCC Hacks is to be extremely beginner friendly and foster an environment for learning for all students who attend. I have learned so far that this isn’t an easy task so I am looking for all the help I can get.

Hopefully, as a part of the community, I can have some assistance on setting up the Hackathon and making it a true success for everyone :smile:


Welcome, Shalin!

I think it’s awesome you’re creating SCC Hacks; being far away from other events and wanting to cultivate a community of learning at my own school is also why I got into organizing.

Best of luck with the planning process!