Hello! I'm Cecilia from sunhacks

I’m a student at Arizona State University! I became an organizer when a friend invited me to help out the team that was creating ASU’s first hackathon. I came into the team pretty late but I got to help directly with the event and found my contributions were useful!

  • What’s the best thing about being an Organizer?
    As sunhacks’ previous director of hacker experience I found that I really enjoyed getting feedback from hackers. I love hearing hackers tell me about what they enjoyed and try and find out what they think we can improve on so sunhacks can keep getting better and better!

  • What are you looking to learn from being part of this community of Organizers?
    I’m looking to grow the sunhacks team and their responsibilities (more localhosts and local hackdays and specialized hackathons). So I’m really looking forward to reading about how other organizers have managed it and employ some methods here at sunhacks.

Feel free to AMA :smiley: I run other specialized hackathons (ie for teacher curriculum adaptations and Rube Goldberg machines) through my PhD research!