Hackathon winners


I am a lecturer and researcher from Brazil. I coordinate a research group (https://cin.ufpe.br/hacknjoy/) where we study hackathons and time-bounded events.

I need to get in touch with people worldwide who are experienced in participating in hackathons, preferably those who already won prizes (1st, 2nd or 3rd place,etc).
I am performing a study about recurring practices in hackathons, so I need to interview people (aprox. 15 minutes) who are willing to describe the process they follow from ideation to development.

Would anybody be available for a Skype or Google Hangouts call?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Kiev! Awesome to have you here. This community is primarily geared towards hackathon organizers, so you may have some trouble finding hackers who’ve won specific prizes. I’m sure plenty of our organizers are talented hackers themselves, but the majority of folks here are focused on organizing amazing events. You might try posting on the facebook group hackathon hackers.

Thanks Ryan. Actually, I did post some weeks ago on that very same group and quite a few others :slight_smile:

I posted this message here advised by people that answer the official MLH email.

It is very difficult to find someone willing to spend 20 minutes over a call to share their experience. So far I’ve interviewed people from from 16 countries (36 hackers and 6 hackathon organizers). Although my messages reached thousands of people, I’ve only could engage some of them.

Anyway, I appreciate your attention in reaching out and giving me this tip.


Hi @kiev.gama,

You are welcome to reach out to me if you want.

You can also read my article about how to win a hackathon, tips and tricks: