Hackathon Slack Groups - Hacks, Bots, Advice?

Hey folks!

Using Slack groups to manage your event is pretty common now. We are updating our own Slack group for Local Hack Day and I would love to hear what tools, tips, and advice you have used to make your Slack group more welcoming, more engaging and more fun.

Here are a few tips I can think of:

  • Include a Welcome Bot to greet new attendees
  • Create and share a custom Event-branded Slack theme
  • Add sponsors-specific emojis and channels
  • Add other fun gifs and emojis
  • Check in on Slack regularly
  • Run social contests through Slack to encourage engagement

TLDR: the more thought you put into your Slack group to make it engaging, the more you will get out of it. What do you think? What do you do to make your Slack more engaging?

Meme posting bot
spell words from a certain emoji.
cute name (like psyduckbot)

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