Game of Thrones Theories Thread **SPOILER WARNING**

What are your GoT fan theories? What are your favorite GoT memes? What are your GoT :fire: hot takes :fire:? You have the chance to voice your opinions here!

The reason I am asking is because the MLH office ordered Game of Thrones branded Oreos. And they arrived!

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My hot take: everyone dies and the Night King will win.

if that fails: Dany and Jon fight at that frozen spring that was shown in the first episode, when they landed their dragons.

Everyone in the crypt gets wrecked by dead Starks.

Cercei gets roped into the Battle of Winterfell due to some ex machina reason to pounce with reasonable chance for victory while the North is weakened.

Bran busts out some 3y3d Rav3n big brain capabilities and has a showdown moment with the Night King:

Additionally, I endorse this helpful chart:

[SPOILERS] Character Safety chart for Episode 3 from r/gameofthrones
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I love this chart. Still think dany’s gonna win


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