Don't forget about self care!

The new semester and the 2020 Hackathon Season is upon us. You might find yourself spending all of your money on textbooks, staying up later than you would like, and taking on way too many projects (the last one hits especially close to home). That being said, this is my reminder to you that self care is a necessity and it is much easier to establish healthy habits early in the semester.

How do you practice self care?
Can you incorporate a culture of self care into your hackathon? Yoga? Healthy snacks? Sleep rooms? I want to hear your ideas.

Below are some resources that have helped me in the past!

Smart Alarms - this helps me make sure i’m getting enough sleep and wakes me up at a good time in my sleep schedule. It even has different types of activities for you to wake up to (solving a math problem, dream journals, etc), you can hook it up to Spotify and Google Music to wake up to a specific song, and a bunch of other features.

Bullet Journaling Bullet journaling completely changed my life, here’s an article to explain it and get you started if you’re interested

Yoga is Free I’ve been practicing yoga for years, but I stopped when I could no longer afford the classes and it didn’t fit into my schedule. But then I found the world of online yoga videos and it lets me do it whenever I’m free, no matter where I am.

Anyways, drink water! sleep! take care of yourself! etc.


Hey Katie!

Love your suggestions for self-care, I’ll definitely have to look into the smart alarms. As for bullet journaling, I am a huge advocate for it! I’ve actually started doing it again, and it’s helped a lot to organize my thoughts. It also gives me an outlet to be creative with layouts :slight_smile:
Some of my forms of self care are practicing skincare and exercising! It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin, even if it’s just sunscreen. Exercising is also great because it helps release endorphins, and takes my mind off things.

That being said, I think yoga is a great way to incorporate self care into a hackathon. Or even having a quiet room/area where people can get away from a busy environment and take a breather. Both allow hackers to relax, and get into a calmer headspace.

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Hi @amyle!! Couldn’t agree more about your post. I went to a gaming convention years ago that had a quiet room with tea, coloring books, etc. Not only was it great to chill out in and have a quiet moment, but it made the event more accessible for people with autism since loud crowded spaces can be overwhelming and triggering. Would LOVE to see more of this at hackathons.

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