Creating a contract for Sponsors?

I recently confirmed a sponsorship from a company and they asked me if I had a contract that they should sign. I never really considered this as something I should be doing, but it does make sense. Do any of y’all have companies sign a contract? If so, what are your reasons for doing so? And what does it look like?


Yes, we always have them sign a contract! Liability issues can occur, such as when a sponsor backs out of the event last-minute, or they may not provide payment in time. Some of the stuff that we have on the contract is the amount being donated, list of all the benefits that we are able to provide for the sponsor based off of what they donate, and a list of responsibilities that each party should uphold. I can definitely send you some of our past contract templates!


I would love to see your past contract templates!

Have you ever had someone not meet the responsibilities listed in the contract? What did you do?

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