Choose One Song to Describe the 2019 Hackathon Season

A few weeks ago @nq_mlh asked me “what song would you use to describe the 2019 season” - I thought it was an awesome question that was really fun to think about, so I wanted to share it here!

I started with Major League Hacking in February 2019, so I was really only here to experience the Spring semester, but I had such a great opening to the world of MLH and I am so, so excited to be able to experience a full season! I chose the song You’ll Never Walk Alone for a couple of reasons. As cheesy as this sounds, since I started at MLH I have felt a constant flow of support and trust as I was training and getting introduced into the hackathon world. The second reason I chose this song is because I made a new friend this year who is a huuuge Liverpool fan and we had so much fun going to watch early Saturday/Sunday morning games throughout the past few months. This is the song they play before kickoff at every game and is really like their “anthem”

I am excited to hear what other people come up with!

I’d say Try Me by Kero Kero Bonito. It’s a super cute and wholesome song, and I think it captures the hacking spirit.

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You’ll Never Walk Alone? Are we gonna get Liverpool F.C. as a sponsor?

also, definitely will have some friendly rivalry when Chelsea plays LFC next year