[AMA] Hi I'm Henry. AMA: I'm bored at work edition

I’m supposed to be writing unit tests at work. But the test framework takes like a minute to start and it can get mundane. So I’m doing a low-cost, low-key, low-calorie AMA.


If you’re cooking for yourself, what’s your go to meal?

Thank you all for the support the AMA was lovely and I appreciate all the love during the trying times I went through when I was bored at work thank you all for coming I will hopefully see some of you at hackcon :heart:

You didn’t answer @Ryan’s question!

You encounter an elephant on a magical purple ball flying through Union Square in the middle of the day. No one else can see them except you.

How do you convince the elephant to give the ball to you while trying to convince strangers that you’re not talking to yourself?

Sorry @jamie.liao, but this AMA is over.


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:frowning: gosh darn it