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Let’s talk about how we’re engaging our hackers outside of hackathons!

What is community.mlh.io?

MLH wants to do everything we can to grow and foster the hacker community, and that starts with helping organizers like you. Our digital organizer community is a place for you to connect with fellow organizers. This is the place for everyone who’s passionate about empowering hackers to ask questions, offer advice, and learn together.

Not sure how much food to order or where from? Create a thread, provide some background, and let the rest of our community organizers share their expertise. Feel like you’ve got the perfect hackathon budget spreadsheet? Share it with the rest of us. Got a new meme template that speaks to you as an organizer? Head over to Random and let us see it.

How should I use this category?

This is the category to ask questions about what to do with your hacker club and friends when you’re not travelling together to hackathons! You can keep up the momentum throughout the school year by organizing meet-ups and workshops, and we’re here to help.

Let us know how your club stays engaged throughout the semester, and ask any questions you can think of around strategies! An active hacker club helps everyone develop new skills – plus, it’s fun.

P.S. You can always see what Localhost workshops are available if you’re looking for free technical content to share with your community.

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